The Perlemian Trade Route – also known as the Axis – runs coreward from Coruscant to just past Quermia, and is one of the oldest trade routes in the galaxy.

The Rebel Alliance has long maintained reports of a mysterious Imperial convoy that travels the length of the Perlemian Trade Route. Known coloquially as the Perlemian Haul by spacers and Rebels alike, it is rumoured to carry sensitive (and sinister) cargo to far-flung Imperial facilities and strongholds. Its existence has never been confirmed… until now.

Intelligence has reached the Rebel Alliance indicating the convoy's next port of call, as well as hints as to the nature of the high-value cargo it contains. The Alliance isn't about to let the elusive convoy – or its valuable contents – pass them by.

They require a skilled team of operatives to confirm the convoy's existence, infiltrate one of its heavy freighters, and successfully commandeer the vessel so they can take possession of it.


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